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We are currently experiencing some delays in Shipping of Products from UK Mainland to Gymspec Headquarters.  We apologise for any inconvience


Ramazanov Labs - Epic


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2A,3A-Epithio-17A-Methyl-5A-Androstan17B-OL (Epistane) – is an anabolic-androgenic hormone, dihydrotestosterone derivative. It is in the active form and does not require conversion to other hormones. Its half-life lasts about 6 hours, therefore it is optimal to take it 3 times a day. It contains 17-alpha alkylation, thanks to which it is easily assimilated orally. It does not convert to estrogens and does not exhibit affinity to progesterone receptors. Anabolic-androgenic index amounts to 1100/91. It is a strong anabolic agent with relatively low number of potential side-effects.

Anabolic effect
EPI demonstrates an exceptionally beneficial anabolic to androgenic relationship. Anabolic effect is 11 times stronger than in case of testosterone. This results in a huge anabolic potential with relatively small number of side-effects regarding hair loss, acne and prostate health.

EPI functions are based on the considerable improvement of the pace of protein synthesis in the muscle tissue, thanks to which we may notice much faster effects in the improvement of muscles volume and their strength. Faster regeneration, on the other hand, helps to increase training intensity, which gives us a bigger stimulus to develop.

Influence on estrogens
EPI itself does not demonstrate the ability to aromatization, i.e. it is not responsible for the growth of female hormones. What is more, during taking the specific, anti-estrogen effect is observed! Therefore, we do not have to bother about upsetting side-effects in the form of excessive water retention or  mammary gland growth. It also makes EPI a good additive to other aromatizing means, in order to limit their unfavorable effects.

Fat reduction
Estrogens are hormones, which promote fat storage. Especially in certain characteristic places, such as thighs and cheeks. They may also inhibit fat reduction. Anti-estrogen effect of EPI solves these problems, making reduction more effective.

Faster regeneration during the cycle with the application of EPI allows to train more often and more intensively, which is reflected in higher energy consumption and, as a result of this, faster fat breakdown.

As already known, spare fat is burnt by muscles during their work. During reduction, if we do not take care of protecting our muscles, the decline in their volume is inevitable and as a result, lower effectiveness of our efforts. Taking care not only about anabolic, but also anticatabolic effect, EPI maintains high level of energy need all the time, thanks to which we may diminish the effect of slowing down the reduction pace, advancing with time.

Muscle quality
Those who take Epistane report the increased feeling of muscle load and considerably increased vascularization. Thanks to this, during the application, musculature makes great impression all the time, as if we have just left the gym. Undoubtedly, it is a property, which will be of interest to every adept of bodybuilding



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