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Primal Strength Commercial Chin-Up Dip Frame


RRP £904.99

£849.99   RRP £904.99

Commercial Grade 3mm Steel
Multi-Use Chin-up/Dip/Ab Frame
Ergonomically Designed Angled Frame for Back Support
Premium Rubber/Steel End Handles
Matte Nero Finish
Lifetime Frame Warranty



The Primal Strength Commercial Chin-Up Dip frame offers users a wide variety of training exercises.

The main exercises include:

  • Wide-Grip Chin Ups
  • Close-Grip Chin Ups
  • Vertical Bent-Knee Raise
  • Vertical Straight-Leg Raise
  • Torso Twists
  • Dips

The heavy duty commercial grade frame has been designed to be used in all commercial fitness environments including PT studios, gyms and performance centres. The premium handles are fully rubber-enclosed with brushed steel end-caps.

The back and arm pads are made from commercial-grade foam and covered with rip-resistant material. The back pad is angled to offer maximum back support.

The Commercial Chin-Up Dip Frame should not be compared to cheaper thinner-steel power towers and is made from 11 gauge/3mm powder-coated steel and the frame is backed with a lifetime commercial warranty.



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