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Primal Strength Commercial Plate Loaded Tricep Machine



Oversized 50mm Bullhorns for up to 300kg load
Gas-Strut Adjustable Seat
Injection Moulded Seat and Knee Pads
Perfect to Target Long & Medial Head Tricep Work
Lifetime Frame Warranty

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The Primal Strength Commercial Plate Loaded Tricep Machine is the ultimate tricep dip machine to hit both your long and Medial tricep heads.

The oversize bullhorns ensure the machine can take up to 300kg of plates.

The gas-strut seat ensures simple height adjustment and the curved frame allows users to comfortably set up the perfect angle for presses. Both the oversize knee pads and seat are made from moulded urethane and the seat has a double stitched and sealed pad.

The machine can be bolted to the floor for additional stability when under heavy-load.

Primal’s Commercial lifetime frame warranty and one years parts warranty is included.

Dimensions 1900mm (L)  1350mm (W)  900 mm (H)




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